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by Jamie Forrest

Learning some new things… again! October 14, 2010

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Awhile ago,  I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to make and edit video.  Today I had the opportunity for some PD.  Last week, we shot a bunch of video of kids talking about books and of our ancient technology in our schools.  Today, I learned some new things.

First, I used a MacBook for the first time.  Second, I learned how to use iMovie to upload the video.  I learned about selecting pictures from video clips.  I learned how to transition.  I learned how to add music.  I learned how to create a voiceover.  I learned how to make the music get quieter and the voiceover to get louder.  I learned how to “share” the final product.

Today I created a short 30 second clip with some of the things I learned.  This was more for play than production, but here is the product:

It is not much, but I am proud of what I did today!  I hope to learn more and to perhaps use these new tools as part of my final project.  Watch for more to come!


8 Responses to “Learning some new things… again!”

  1. courosa Says:

    Nice job! I’m currently covering iMovie with my undergrads – there’s still a lot of excitement around digital video creation – one of my favorite activities.

  2. Lulu Kaliher Says:

    Nicely done! Not bad at all!

  3. mrdubbs Says:

    Nice! I am also just learning about video and how to edit. I think your video was excellent.


  4. byrnesa Says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Nice job on the video… I like I-Movie!! It’s what I used for my intro video. Just curious, where did you find the information about selecting pictures from video? I want to look at that for a video my students are going to be starting.

    • Jamie Says:

      Most of the pictures are just stills of the video I shot. You right click over the moment you want to turn into a picture. The last picture is an actual jpeg. I got this info from working with someone who knows the program.

  5. Lindsay Says:


    My class loves making movies. Originally inspired by Beth Newingham a few years ago, we usually make a movie or 2 a year. My students love using the green screen. (An app that is already installed in the new imovie and very easy to use!). We’ve translated/rewritten some of Beth’s class’s scripts (ex. Lost in a book and Where are they now?), we’ve also made our own puppets for movies, stop-motion animations and math tutorials!

    There is so much cool stuff to make videos of – and grade 3s are surprisingly good at writing scripts!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

    (yes, I do the majority of the editing, but they are involved in the rest of the process)

  6. Peggy Jubien Says:

    If you want to compress the video down and make it possible to view on mobile devices, I recommend using the free program HandBrake. There are Mac & PC versions available on the web.

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