It's Elementary!

by Jamie Forrest

Final project ideas – Mine and hopefully yours October 20, 2010

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Please take some time to read and contribute if you can to my form.  Thank you!



4 Responses to “Final project ideas – Mine and hopefully yours”

  1. Alan Stange Says:

    I hope you take a moment to summarize the suggestions you get.

  2. lewisv Says:

    Your idea sounds great, Jamie. I do not have specific tools for you, but I recently viewed an article called “Grounded Tech Integration: K-6 Literacy” by Denise Schmidt, Judi Harris, and Mark Hofer in the May 2010 issue of Learning & Leading with Technology. The article looks at teaching reading and writing at the elementary level and looks at various technologies that might support the process. In the article, the authors refer to a wiki which may also provide some ideas for you or Good luck with your project! It sounds terrific!

  3. ktenkely Says:

    Added my thoughts, good luck Jamie!

  4. […] happy by the transparency people are showing.  It has helped me in my own project.  For example, Jamie made a Google form that she had people fill out to help her with her final project.  I thought […]

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