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by Jamie Forrest

Just what I needed… December 15, 2010

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I don’t know about what others think, but during the last 10 days before the winter break, I think that teachers are earning their direct passes to heaven. The kids are tired and cranky. They seem to be mentally on holidays already. The teachers are trying to fit their curriculum in between Christmas concert practices, service projects, craft presents for the parents and, if you teach in a Catholic school as I do, Advent liturgies. Add to this a student who has difficulty when the routine is disrupted and you can imagine the stress! I love it. Truly, I do; but my energy reserves seem to deplete more quickly and I’m sorry to say, my temper gets shorter. Things bug me that in other times of the year I can normally just shake off. This morning was one of those mornings. I had received some bad news through an email before school while I had been trying to lay out the day for the student mentioned above. I went into a colleague’s room, closed the door, and just let it all out… She looked at me and said: Just smile and have patience.

Easier said than done, but when I got back to my room, I found a note on my desk. It said on the outside:

That’s a good start! But then I opened it and it just got even better!

Those two events were just what I needed! It started my day off right and things just went well from that moment on. There were still issues; there were still challenges, but that wonderful conversation and thoughtful note (I mean, really, lunch AND no supervision???) just absolutely made my day! So, I thought I would share it with you!

Have you had “just what you needed” lately? Or have you given someone “just what they needed”? Share your story and I’ll randomly pick one of them and send the “winner” a prize! It will be a secret, but will include a book… This is my first ever give-away, but I’m feeling the love today and want to pass it on. I’ll pick the winner one week and a day from now, on the 22nd. That is the last day with the kids and when my holidays start. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Please make sure you leave me some what to contact you!


6 Responses to “Just what I needed…”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jamie F, Jamie F. Jamie F said: Check out my blog post: Just what I needed…: (Read carefully, you might find something YOU need too!) 😉 […]

  2. StephDJ Says:

    have I received what I just needed lately? Mmmh, well yes but it wasn’t free… I got a new winter jacket for teacher supervisions! It is perfect in every way and each day, I thank my husband for agreeing to buy it for me. It is exactly what I needed!

    Now, have I given someone “just what they needed” lately? mmmh, you got me thinking. I know I am sponsoring 3 families for Adopt-a-Family program where my friends and I will provide Christmas supper and gifts for the kids and parents. This will probably be “what they just needed” for Christmas: a chance at a great free supper and not to have to worry about buying their children what they would like for Christmas. And for me, it will be rewarding indeed…

  3. Jessica Says:

    Wow, what a fantastic idea – secret santa! Will definitely be suggesting that next year!

    I had a wonderful day earlier this year that was “just what I needed”. As it turns out, my partner and I both teach at a a very remote and small school. It was a Friday, coming up to a long weekend. My birthday was on the weekend. My partner and I had been thinking how nice it would be to go away for the weekend, but we just couldn’t make the distance in the time we had (it is a 5 hour drive to the nearest airport, then a 3 hour flight to the nearest city). At morning break however, we both walked into the staff room and were told that our fantastic colleagues had decided we HAD to go away for my birthday weekend. They had organised to cover both of our classes for the rest of the day and ushered us out the door to go home, pack our bags and start the journey! So we did just that, chucking some clothes in a bag, jumping in the car and making it in time for a flight away for the weekend. It was a brilliant weekend away and just what we both needed, coming back to school on Tuesday refreshed and energised. I will always be thankful to the staff at my school for making that birthday such a memorable one!

    Acts of kindness, however small you may think they are, will always have an impact on someone. Imagine a year long secret santa!

  4. Jana Scott Lindsay (mollybmom) Says:

    Jamie…. your words warmed my heart this morning…. I also think it ‘might have grown three times today’ to eloquently quote The Grinch!

    I woke up discouraged this morning, after a very fitfull, mind-filled sleep, and didn’t know how I was going to face the morning, let alone the day. Your words have left me energized and grateful for the gifts that I have been given.

    “I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who had no feet.” ~Indian Proverb

    Tis the season to count your blessings, no matter what they may look like. Being grateful allows us to see the beauty in our lives, rather than what we think is missing!

  5. […] to school. It was truly enjoyable! By the way, if you want to enter my give-away, be sure to check here. I only have three entries at this […]

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