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by Jamie Forrest

Teacher Appreciation Week – So Far February 16, 2011

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We have had only two days of Teacher Appreciation so far, but I feel so blessed.


Yesterday, our day started with a staff room table full of muffins, baking, donuts, and candies from our Admin team.  It was really nice.  Then the bell rang and we got all of our students into the gym for our weekly morning assembly.  Our parent council was there.  They had a Barbershop Quartet sing us all songs for TA week and they gave us cookies that said THANK YOU in icing.  What a great day!


Then yesterday, my principal knocked at my door about 15 minutes before lunch.  She had me pick an apple out of a basket and told me to take a little extra prep and to come back just before the bell.  Now, you might say that 15 minutes isn’t much, but I still appreciated it!  I came back to my room and this is what I saw:

Each apple is a Thank You note written from a student in my class.  I was so touched I was almost in tears reading them…


Then we came into the staff room for lunch and this was on our table:

This bouquet was made of strawberries, pineapple, and canteloupe.   It was beautiful.  It was accompanied with a note.  “Thank you to all the St. Mary Staff that works so hard for our kids.  – Anonymous.”  We thought we knew who that was, but we weren’t sure!


Then a member of our parent council walked in with two big wrapped boxes.  One contained a kettle, one a toaster.  And I don’t know about your staff room, but ours’ were falling apart so it was much appreciated!


Today, we have lunch being provided for the staff by admin.  We were told that the week was building to tomorrow, so I can’t wait to see what is to come!  Wow.  We are spoiled!


One Response to “Teacher Appreciation Week – So Far”

  1. ktenkely Says:

    How Sweet, those little thank yous mean so much don’t they? Glad that you got spoiled 🙂

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